At Reflexive we strive to assist our clients to achieve their goals and navigate through the toughest challenges by enabling them to get true business insights by providing context and relevance using their data. We strive to collaborate with our customers not only to provide technology solutions but immerse our selves in their DNA to truly understand the problems they are trying to solve. Our team of highly experienced specialists have the necessary skills, expertise and passion across many industries to provide business solutions using innovative thinking and cutting edge technologies. 

Reflexive is a B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor



10.6 Zettabytes of global IP traffic from cloud data centres in 2018


230 exabytes data center storage used for databases and analysis in 2018


78% of mobile searches for local business information result in a purchase.


83% of B2B marketers said mobile apps were important for content marketing


Business Intelligence

To compete in an ever-changing digital environment where analytics gives you a competitive edge, it is more than necessary to go from the traditional “Show me what happened” BI to a more proactive, modern BI capability. Our team of BI professionals will help you get there.

Data Science

Discover breakthrough insights that deliver the right result at the right time, using scientific methods, processes and algorithms to extract knowledge and insights from your data stored in various forms with the help of our data science team.

Business Applications

We develop bespoke application software effortlessly and to specification for our clients. We take our skills and knowledge and produce results for you quickly, cost-effectively, professionally and efficiently.



Umesh Singh

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Umesh is an experienced Business Intelligence professional with over 11 years experience across multiple sectors.

He is a skilled professional that works well under stressful situations. Skilled in Dimensional Modeling, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Solution Architecture.


He has a proven track record of working under pressure situations and can cope with challenging situations with ease. He is a strong information technology professional with MCSE credentials in Business Intelligence. The technical skills gained allows him to solve complex problems with ease.

Ntiyiso Mbhalati

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Ntiyiso has over 10 years experience in Information Technology, Business Intelligence and Software Development. He has worked and consulted across multiple sectors including Retail, Banking and Finance.


He has mastered a broad set of technical skills and has a proven track record of developing Business Intelligence and Enterprise software solutions while solving complex business challenges.


His determination and experience has enabled him to easily adapt to challenging situations and complex problem solving. 



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